About Us

We are a well-established, reputable business.

We deal with a variety of professional cleaning treatments for private individuals and commercial entities. As our name implies we tend to focus on carpet and rug cleaning services, particularly steam cleaning, although dry cleaning is also within our scope of expertise. We have all necessary registration, licensing and insurance to provide a reliable and efficient service which not only delivers excellent results but also gives customers much needed peace of mind.

We consider ourselves a highly professional yet transparent organisation which likes to keep things between customers and ourselves fair and square. Our core business values and philosophy focus on punctuality, reliability and efficiency. We have always tried to do things better than our competitors, not just because that brings in more customers but also because it shows we are dedicated, able and more efficient on all levels of our work.

Being an experienced service provider, we are well aware that our product so to say is only as good as the people we have working for us and their skills and knowledge. Because we leave nothing to chance and always strive for best possible service, we train our technicians extensively in the safe and efficient use and application of professional cleaning systems. By doing so we guarantee our customers top notch service without margin for error.

Our private and business clients are treated to attentive, punctual and actually helpful customer care service. In our opinion this is a make or break for any self-respecting business and overlooking customer care will drive any company into the ground, or near close to it. Our customer assistance staff are polite, friendly and able to resolve 99% of queries on the spot, needless to say they provide accurate, relevant information on our services.

The company was founded a number of years ago by dedicated individuals who had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve and how they were going to get there. Establishing the business and maintaining our industry position has never been easy but nothing good comes easy right. Looking back now, it was all well worth it – the effort, dedication and commitment displayed by staff and management has resulted in a reliable, profitable and trusted business operation which delivers to its customers. In our opinion this is precisely what the name of the game really is. We look forward to working together with existing and new customers!

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