Terms and Conditions

Being a legitimate and reputable company, we conduct our everyday business in strict accordance to all relevant ethical principles. In our line of work, this is more to do with the Terms and Conditions which outline and regulate the contractual relationship we have with our clients. In other words, our service terms are the rules which set and observe the rights and responsibilities each party has toward the other (customers and company).

We strongly urge you to read carefully through these terms and conditions prior to committing to work with us. Yes, we understand that it usually takes a magnifying glass and a big thesaurus to fully grasp the usual set of terms and conditions put out there by this or that business, but in our case that won’t be necessary as we have toned down the legal lingo to a minimum.

Understanding one’s rights and responsibilities as they are outlined in our terms and conditions will save both parties a ton of potential headaches in the form of disputes and confrontation (we don’t like any of that as you can imagine). If you are unclear about any of the terms listed here, by all means let us know and we will do our best to explain further.

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